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Legislature, instead of voters, may decide to ban foreign influence in Maine referendums

Supporters of a ballot initiative barring foreign governments from influencing Maine referendum campaigns are pushing the Legislature to enact the measure instead of sending it to voters in November. The Legislature hasn't enacted a ballot initiative in more than 16 years, but the group Protect Maine Elections is hoping lawmakers will break that streak and join the seven other states that prohibit electioneering by groups owned and controlled by foreign ...

March 20, 2023|

Commentary: To protect the free speech of all Maine voters, we must take action now

Saturday is the 13th anniversary of the infamous Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling, when the Supreme Court struck down key provisions of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. The court decided that corporations and unions (and, by implication, anyone who can afford it) have a right to spend unlimited money to influence American elections.   As a result of that ruling, spending in elections by dark money special interest groups ...

March 20, 2023|

Mainers may get a say on whether foreign governments can spend money to influence their votes

A group hoping to bar foreign governments from electioneering in Maine referendum campaigns submitted petitions Tuesday to put its proposal on next year's ballot. The citizens’ initiative appears relatively straightforward, but it could have far-reaching implications for Maine companies partially owned by foreign governments — including at least one of the state's two main electric utilities. The group Protect Maine Elections could not have asked for better timing... Read the ...

March 20, 2023|

Opinion: Maine’s elections should not be decided by dark money, foreign governments

Should foreign governments and dark-money billionaire donors be allowed to buy our elections and stifle the voices of Maine voters? We certainly don’t think so but, regrettably, this practice is currently permitted and running rampant in our state. While foreign government-owned entities are prohibited from making contributions to candidate campaigns, that prohibition does not extend to referendum campaigns. Such entities are permitted to – and, in fact, do – dump ...

March 20, 2023|

The Fahey Q&A with Kaitlin LaCasse, protecting Maine elections from big money and foreign interests

Kaitlin LaCasse is campaign manager for Protect Maine Elections. LaCasse, who has been involved in Maine politics for over a decade, is a community leader who cares deeply about the people of her state. She felt compelled to lead this campaign to ensure all Mainers would have an equal voice in their elections. Our conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity... Read the full Article Here

March 20, 2023|

We all have a responsibility to protect our democracy and make Maine a better place for our children and grandchildren.

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