Rep. Jennifer Poirier: Foreign governments exploit Maine election loophole

February 17, 2022

…Hydro-Quebec, and by extension the government of Quebec, withheld pertinent information during the permitting process for the CMP corridor, it then abused a loophole in our law to try to sway the outcome of a referendum directly initiated by Mainers with ads chalk full of unsubstantiated claims that appear to have been false, and now the company has refused to accept our law and constitution.

It’s no surprise to those who know me that I am fiercely opposed to the CMP corridor, but regardless of how you voted last November, this pattern of behavior should alarm us all. If this is how our “friends” to the north treat us, I’d hate to see what a hostile foreign government would do. Continuing to allow foreign governments to electioneer in our state would be foolish. Let’s band together to qualify the Protect Maine Elections initiative for the 2023 ballot. Visit for more information.

Jennifer Poirier of Skowhegan is in her first term in the Maine House of Representatives.

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