Sandi Howard: Let’s close big election loophole

January 6, 2022

…While I am so pleased that Mainers were able to cut through the noise created by excessive spending from beyond our national borders, I am fearful of the precedent that has been set. Hydro-Quebec just established a roadmap for foreign interference on referendums to come. That’s why I am proud to support Sen. Rick Bennett’s referendum to Protect Maine Elections. I firmly believe that Maine elections should be reserved for Mainers, and that when voters view an ad on television, social media or the radio, they shouldn’t have to question if the message is crafted to benefit a foreign country.

So let’s come together again to qualify the Protect Maine Elections referendum to close the loophole. Let’s preserve Maine referendums for Mainers.

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We all have a responsibility to protect our democracy and make Maine a better place for our children and grandchildren.

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