LTE: Safeguard Maine referendums against foreign interference

December 8, 2021

…We agree that it’s wrong that referendums directly initiated by Maine voters aren’t safeguarded against foreign interference. If the people of Maine feel strongly enough about a matter to initiate a statewide vote, we ought to ensure that the process is safeguarded against foreign governments seeking to put the will of their voters ahead of ours.

Thankfully, this important matter didn’t die with L.D. 194. Our colleague Sen. Rick Bennett has taken out paperwork to initiate a statewide vote. The movement is called Protect Maine Elections, and it has volunteers all across the state collecting signatures today.

Referendums initiated by Mainers shouldn’t be subjected to big spending by foreign governments. We hope you will seek out a volunteer to sign today to support this important movement.

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We all have a responsibility to protect our democracy and make Maine a better place for our children and grandchildren.

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