Maine could ban foreign influence in its elections, and the ballot campaign has drawn early support

September 21, 2021

The campaign seeking to ban electioneering by foreign governments in Maine ballot initiatives is getting early support from donors who backed the 2016 ranked choice voting referendum and other election reform advocates.

The ballot question committee Protect Maine Elections is working to get the measure on the 2022 ballot, and so far, it’s getting significant financial support from John and Mary Palmer, who also gave thousands of dollars to the ranked choice voting campaign.

The Palmers, who live in Maine, gave Protect Maine Elections a combined $25,000, according to the committee’s initial finance report.

Democratic state Rep. Kyle Bailey, of Gorham, led the 2016 ranked choice campaign and he’s also leading Protect Maine Elections, along with Republican state Sen. Rick Bennett, of Oxford.

Bailey says the foreign electioneering issue is drawing interest from a range of supporters, including those behind ranked choice voting and people concerned about money in politics…

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